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Your Guide to Buying Solitaire Diamonds!

Your Guide to Buying Solitaire Diamonds!

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‘Solitaire’ – the word by itself has a ‘ring’ to it! See, what we did there? Puns apart, solitaire is a diamond that has carved a specific location in each and every woman’s coronary heart, and not devoid of some excellent motives. Traits occur and go, layouts strike a peak and then wither absent, but a single matter stays continual – the love for solitaire jewelry, in particular solitaire rings. And, why not? Solitaires are the epitome of splendour, sheen, and sparkle – all a few points that are predicted from only the ideal of jewels. All said and carried out, most people even now shy away from purchasing a solitaire! Why you talk to. Effectively, simply just for the reason that more than the several years they have designed a frame of mind that dictates that solitaires are way far too highly-priced. To be frank, nothing could be even more from the truth of the matter. A few very simple expertise bites are all a person requirements to be certain that a solitaire presents the ideal benefit for income, with out burning a gap in the pocket!

Appealing, is not it? So, what are we ready for? Let’s bounce straight to the level. 

Solitaire – The Definition

Asking yourself what a solitaire definitely is? And how does it vary from a regular diamond? Enable us spill the beans for you. Any one diamond, weighing far more than 30 carats is fundamentally a solitaire. In most instances, solitaire is used to refer to jewelry that is built making use of a one diamond, for instance – a solitaire ring or solitaire earrings. Because there is no other diamond or gemstones bordering the solitaire, the piece of jewel receives an beautiful glance like none other. 

Considering that it is the solitaire that delivers jointly the piece of jewellery, the quality and benefit of your stone will decide how impressive the jewelry looks on the complete. To make certain that it seems and feels as flattering as you want it to, you have to have a eager eye for the following aspects. That getting taken care of, you can relaxation confident that the solitaire will supply wonderful value for your revenue, even if you’re on a funds! 


A purer colour that is mainly white is the favored selection when buying diamonds. The whiter the diamond, the shinier it looks. Of class, that also indicates that it receives pricier. But did you know? Solitaires that have a brownish or a yellowish hue are rather considerably considerably less high-priced. What is additional? Slight coulour variances are not seen to the bare eye, and for this reason would not make any significant difference on the over-all aesthetic of your solitaire jewellery!


The reduce of a diamond determines its depth, width, and sides, and is specifically what potential customers the light-weight to replicate off the diamond, imparting it with its signature sparkle. Because the spherical fantastic lower features highest depth and sufficient reflection, it is one of the choicest cuts. That explained, it is also heavier on the pocket. The Asscher Lower, the Emerald Slice and the Radiant Reduce are some of the additional inexpensive cuts. To make confident your picked solitaire shines the greatest, decide on a metal these kinds of as white gold that allows a greater reflection of the mild, and enhances the reduce even though doing so. 


Diamonds are issue to a lot of imperfections and blemishes that can generally only be found making use of a microscope. These imperfections direct to the grading of the diamonds beneath 11 grades. Of these, VS1, VS2 and SI1, SI2 are 4 of the most commonly accessible. Not only do they point out a respectable clarity of diamonds, but are also mostly inexpensive! You can usually question your jeweller if they can include the blemished with prongs so that you can get a superior deal. Nevertheless, when you do so, retain in mind that the worth you get for the diamond at a afterwards phase will be noticeably reduced.


The carat of the diamond refers to its excess weight and has the largest effect on the selling price of the diamond. Consequently, check with with your jeweller relating to the carat so that you can decide on the one particular that greatest satisfies your spending plan. Listed here, it is essential to try to remember, that a larger carat diamond may possibly not usually be the broadest in condition. Some diamonds are cut deeply and for this reason the excess weight is distributed vertically and is sadly concealed. That’s why, it is finest if you also just take a seem at the proportions of the solitaire, rather than basically relying on the carat! When choosing the carat of the diamond, you have to also understand that issue distinctions are hardly noticeable to the eye but can result in significant dissimilarities in the pricing. Therefore, it may possibly prove to be valuable for you to acquire an .80-carat diamond as a substitute of investing in a much much more pricey 1-carat diamond. 

We hope that you are now perfectly aware of the 4Cs of a diamond – Color, Lower, Clarity, and Carat! This know-how will assist you opt for the very best possible solitaire, that not only suits your funds but is also aesthetically stunning. So, if you are all set to get your to start with solitaire, you can commence by browsing by the awesome selection of Solitaire Mangalsutras at none other than KuberBox!


  1. What are some of the errors to steer clear of when acquiring a solitaire diamond?

When you set out to acquire a solitaire diamond, you will be investing a considerable sum of money and hence you need to make certain that you steer clear of some of these pretty widespread but rampant problems – 

  • Not executing your study
  • Not being familiar with the 4Cs
  • Not getting a budget in head
  • Not opting for certification 
  • Not shopping for from a accredited jeweller

Merely place, making an educated selection is crucial to ensuring a solitaire order that gives value for dollars! Some due diligence will go a extended way in generating positive that you appreciate your solitaire’s worthy of for a life span to occur. 

  1. How many carats is a solitaire?

Opposite to what most men and women consider, a solitaire is essentially a solitary or a solitary diamond, weighing upwards of 30 carats or cents! This loose diamond when mounted on a ring, earrings or necklace provides an exquisite glimpse, which is the sole cause powering the attractiveness of solitaires. Of study course, the heavier the solitaire, increased is its price – both of those aesthetically and monetarily. 

  1. How are diamonds priced?

As you may perhaps now know, the pricing of diamonds generally depends on the 4Cs – Lower, Color, Carat, and Clarity. That said, factors these types of as condition, polish, symmetry and certification also add towards the rate of the diamond.