May 23, 2024

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What Produce is Worth Buying Organic

What Produce is Worth Buying Organic

Last week TURO SKIN brought you the top 5 foods for healthier skin.  Today we will tell you TURO’s top 5 dirty foods that are high in pesticides that you might buy organically, and the top 5 clean foods that are low in pesticides that you can save money and buy non-organic. Here are the main foods you should purchase organically. These foods are typically high in pesticides when purchased non-organically.


With apples it’s best to go organic if you can. The price difference is usually pretty small and it can really help lower the number of pesticides you take in. 


Pretty much everyone loves strawberries. But, they can sometimes be on the dirty side and it is best if you can to buy these organically. 


When it come to these delicious little fruits it’s smart to error on the organic side. Grapes are usually on the cheap side spending a little extra to go organic is a great call. 


Celery is very healthy and a great thing to throw in your basket at the store. So if you’re thinking about health go ahead and grab the organic bag. It won’t cost you much and will be better for your health. 


It would be great to buy everything organically, but sometimes it’s not in the cards. When it comes to buying non-organic produce these foods typically have less pesticides and are stocked fresh. 

Sweet Corn 

Corn is typically okay to buy non-organically. The husks help protect the corn from pesticides and keep the food clean. 


Onions are usually on the cleaner side of produce because of its layers. The part you actually eat is usually very clean so onions are fine to buy non-organic. 


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Usually the pineapple selection is pretty small so going non-organic is totally fine. Pineapples are packed with health benefits and are a great thing to pick up at the store.


Avocados are a super food. These green treats are very healthy and most likely very clean. Once again you’re not eating the skin of an avocado so you’re good to buy these at the best price.

Cabbage is pretty great for you. It’s one of those go to foods when you need to change things up. Cabbage is pretty low in pesticides so no need to pay the extra money for organic. 



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