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Wedding Dress Trends 2023 – THE DRESS MATTERS

Wedding Dress Trends 2023 – THE DRESS MATTERS


2023 is here! Brides are looking to see what the trends are before selecting a dress for their wedding. Here a few 2023 trends that brides will love!

Short Dresses – Minis or short dresses were previously used for the after party or receptions, but with the rise in micro weddings more brides are opting for a mini or short dress. You can style the dress with a cape, coat or detachable skirt. We love this trend.

Blue Dresses – Designers have had dresses with colors for years, but the blue wedding dress trend is here for 2023. There are entire dresses that are blue, but some have a blue trains, made with a blue lining or blue bodices. 

Embellished Ballgowns – Brides that want to feel like princesses are back! The full skirt can be paired with a strapless bodice or a bodice with straps. The full skirt can have ruffles, tiers or embellishments.​

Cape – This is a fashion trend that gives a different option than a traditional veil. Capes look beautiful with transparent fabrics that show off the beauty of the wedding dresses.

Off The Shoulder Dress – This is THE neckline for 2023. It shows off the gorgeous shoulders of brides and gives a sexy look.  

There are many options for upcoming brides. What trends are you liking? Please share your comments with us.