May 28, 2024

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The case for a Canadian book flood

The case for a Canadian book flood

I think I’ve finally figured out why those Scandinavian countries are always topping the international happiness lists: they read. A lot. In Iceland they even have an event called the Christmas book flood and it sounds as if it could easily become my favourite holiday. On Christmas Eve everyone gives everyone else books as gifts and then all 330,000 of them hunker-down, with good food and grog, to read. 

Well, sign me up! As it happens, I already have a private holiday that is very much like this. On one day over the winter break, I like to lounge around in my pyjamas reading the books I got as gifts and eating every delicious food I can find.


(Currently on my nightstand. And I recommend it.) 

Although it’s also true that I’m often thwarted. Other people have other plans for holiday things and introverts like me are told to just suck-it-up and make merry, dammit!

So I think we bibliophiles and introverts need to reserve a day that the party-hardy crowd can’t hijack. Since they’ve already claimed Christmas Eve, let’s make the Canadian book flood the last Friday in December. It’s cold, it’s dark, and we’re all exhausted from the holiday rush. What better way to celebrate surviving the season than by getting all hygge and curling up with a glass of wine and a good read.

Want to join me? I’m sure a Canadian book flood would make us all very happy.