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The 4004 Upgrade You’ve Been Waiting For

The 4004 Upgrade You’ve Been Waiting For

You know how it is. You have an older laptop or computer, and you can not run the most current application on it. Time to up grade, proper? Effectively, if you have been in this scenario a very long time, [ryomuk] may have an remedy for you. The emu8080on4004 challenge (Google Translate) features a way to run 8080 code on a 4004 CPU. Lastly!

The 4004 progress board is a homebrew affair, and the emulator works very well more than enough that an 8080 Little Primary interpreter ran with extremely number of alterations to the resource code. You can see it working in the video beneath. It would be great to operate CP/M, but we consider that would be a tiny more durable, especially resource-clever.

A few things are missing. For case in point, the DAA instruction does not exist, and there are no provisions for interrupts. There is only 1 I/O port, and making use of the IN instruction will block until eventually you get a serial port character. There is an option to employ the parity flag in the 8080 flags register, but its procedure is untested.

Even now, rather impressive for a 4-little bit CPU jogging at 740 kHz with very tiny memory. If you want to see extra about the improvement board itself, check out the 2nd video beneath. Want to know far more about the chip that launched a relatives of processors that is even now around? Study its biography. You can also read about the designer who place his signature on the die.