April 16, 2024

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Thankful for Being Jewish – Smashing the Glass

Thankful for Being Jewish – Smashing the Glass

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and even though I’m British and don’t celebrate myself, I love that the Jewish values of togetherness, connection and gratitude are infused into this holiday.

Gratitude is something that was instilled in me from a young age by my late mother, and I’ve been focusing on it even more so in the last year since she died, as I’ve worked on my new Jewish Joy Journal.

That even when the biggest challenges of your life show up you still can find so many things within yourself to be grateful for.

And it’s not just grieving the loss of my one-in-a-billion mother that has been challenging this last year.

The layer of being Jewish in a non-Jewish world has started to feel more challenging over the past year too.

My Jewishness is such a huge part of my identity, and while I’m committed to fighting Jew hatred, I can’t help feeling it’s more important than ever to make sure we don’t let antisemitism define our Jewish identities.

There’s so much meaning and beauty to be found in Judaism – and the more I focus on all there is to love about being Jewish, the more grateful I feel to be part of this community.

If you’re ready to feel the most contented, calm and resilient you’ve ever felt, despite any challenges facing you, the Jewish Joy Journal is the perfect tool – and, after selling out in the pre sale, it’s now on general sale – the perfect Hanukkah gift for yourself or loved ones!

Part goal planner, part gratitude journal, part non-judgmental Jewish BFF, this journal will fill your life with daily joy, purpose, and nourishing Jewish values – all the things that will help you fall in love with your life – and with being Jewish in ’22 and beyond!

Thankful for Being Jewish – Smashing the Glass

This 6 month journal is designed to help you connect more deeply with your Jewish identity, achieve your goals, and live a more fulfilling, joy-filled life.

The Jewish Joy Journal will help you:

  • ✔ Reconnect with who you truly are – Jewishly, professionally, and personally
  • ✔ Feel happier and more resilient
  • ✔ Plan and track progress towards your biggest goals

And did I mention there’s FREE worldwide shipping too?

Being a Jew in a non-Jewish world can be challenging – especially right now –  and the JJJ is a daily love note to remember to live, and love, your Jewish life your way.

Love, hugs and bagels,