April 22, 2024

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Tech Transformation Podcast: Channan Sawhney of Johnson & Johnson On Unique Digital Commerce Needs

Tech Transformation Podcast: Channan Sawhney of Johnson & Johnson On Unique Digital Commerce Needs


On consumer behavior changes and retail investments across regions: “Each region is very unique in where it is when it comes to e-commerce. When we look at North America specifically, the consumer behavior is different, but also the customer behavior is different. So a lot of retailers, you will see they’re building capabilities today for click-and-collect, they’re building capabilities on retail media, on logistics to enable the click-and-collect, because as consumers tend to go back to stores, they also want to keep the convenience of shopping online, so they have gotten used to shopping online. They realize it’s convenient, but they’ve also started going back to stores. They want to touch and feel, they want to pick it up immediately. So that’s where a lot of innovation is beginning to happen, a lot of data process is building up …”   

“With EMEA retailers are actually now investing in building their own tech and data infrastructure so they can improve the consumer experience because they are now beginning to personalize consumer journeys and beginning to personalize what they should see as the digital shelf. Also, most retailers are now partnering with last-mile delivery apps to equip themselves to lead the quick commerce channel because I think quick commerce channel is now almost as big or getting as big as pure-play and omni, and that’s where a lot of retailers are working cross-functionally.

“In APAC, I think retailers have been doing a lot for a long period of time now. So they are now data rich. And they’ve actually moved to the other side where they are extending loyalty by building entertainment engagement on their shopping apps. They’re also enabled for mobile payment services they deliver same or next day and now they’ve also built their own ecosystem to pick up returns.” 

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