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Supercharge your skin care products with this well-loved beauty device | Skin Secrets

Supercharge your skin care products with this well-loved beauty device | Skin Secrets

Just like how we are obtaining “smarter” in the way we reside, ground breaking attractiveness systems can basically transform our pores and skin treatment plan by producing our products work smarter for us.

LIF - innovative beauty technology

Potentially it is time for you to consider including one particular in yours to supercharge your skin treatment products and boost their outcomes. LIF is a person these effectively-beloved elegance device that’s also a multitasker.

Continue to keep studying to locate out much more about this natural beauty device and how it can assist quicken your pores and skin development!

Discover about DR’s Top secret splendor machine — LIF

Designed with four significant-functionality technologies, LIF is your every day skin companion that aids to tackle a whole listing of skin care worries. The 4 distinct technologies — Renew, Nourish, Mild and Heat get the job done in six one of a kind combinations to give focused methods for distinct skin targets. With consistent each day use, you will witness boosted pores and skin progress and improved products outcomes. Tick off your pores and skin goals with just 5 minutes of use a day!

4 diverse technologies

LIF - 4 Technologies

6 different modes

LIF - 6 modes

How LIF can enable to supercharge your pores and skin care merchandise

1. Enhance absorption of your skin care solutions

use LIF with C15 essence

Help your skin absorb your Vitamin C serum much better by utilizing LIF’s Vitamin C Manner (V) for 3 minutes following applying the product. This method allows to accelerate Vitamin C penetration into the skin, so that your pores and skin enjoys its most benefits – consider youthful, radiant glow! The V manner also can help to lower problems brought about by externals aggressors to our pores and skin for the duration of the working day.

Tip: Utilizing V manner with DR’s Mystery goods

When employing V Method, prep your pores and skin with Toner T2 right before applying C15 Essence 7. This aids to aid the gliding movement and guarantee improved absorption of the serum.

2. Brighten your pores and skin complexion

Skinlight t3 and Skinrecon t4

For all those seeking to revive your boring pores and skin for a brighter pores and skin complexion, use the brightening duo – Skinlight T3 and Skinrecon T4 – with each other with the Brightening Method (B) for 7 minutes. This manner helps to brighten your skin tone, lighten dim places and refine the look of your pores far too! If pigmentation is a issue which is been bugging you, give this manner a check out.

Scroll to the end of the posting for a summary of DR’s Top secret merchandise that can be made use of with B Manner!

3. Raise and firm your skin

use LIF with Aqua boost serum 10

Individuals recognizing great strains and sagging skin may perhaps choose to use the Lifting Manner (L) for 5 minutes each and every day to give your pores and skin a “lift”. This method is also helpful for smoothening high-quality lines and balancing our skin’s sebum and humidity degrees. Use it with a serum!

Lift and firm your skin gif

4. Tackle fantastic strains

For intense treatment of fine strains, pair your anti-ageing products and solutions with Heat Mode. Heat Mode uses radiofrequency to plump pores and skin from in just and Crimson LED mild to promote blood circulation, which boosts pores and skin treatment absorption.

LIF on heat mode

The heat sensation also feels really comforting as you glide the product throughout your experience – great for a calming 15-moment pamper session. Get note that products utilised should allow for smooth gliding of LIF on the pores and skin.

5. Soothe troubled or red pores and skin

With a few light-weight configurations of different wavelengths, the Mild Method is suited for these who have been dealing with troubled or purple pores and skin. This LED color treatment is made up of 3 mild colors – red, blue and yellow.

LIF on three light settings gif

Red light allows to boost blood circulation, blue gentle soothes irritated pores and skin and yellow mild brightens and refines pores and skin tone. When you are acquiring a pores and skin flare-up, use this manner for 15 minutes with a blemish serum like Location Serum 8 and a soothing serum like Refining Serum 9 to soothe and quiet your skin.

LIF settings infographic

6. Improve the success of sheet masks

use LIF with Vitalising eye mask

Though you’re making use of a sheet mask, why not use LIF to boost benefits? Use the Light-weight Mode (purple, yellow or blue is great!) when you have your sheet mask on. Just about every light offers a unique perform so select a single that greatest suits your requirements.

After you are finished, get rid of your sheet mask and abide by with B or L Manner to maximize the absorption of your sheet mask actives.

7. Accomplish brighter-seeking eyes

use LIF with Eye cream

Use LIF around your eye region to give your eyes some TLC and accomplish brighter-hunting eyes. Apply an eye cream evenly all around the eye space and use the B or L Manner even though gently gliding around the eyes. Take be aware not to press as well tough and not to glow the gentle specifically into your eyes. With brighter-hunting peepers, you’ll surface fresher and additional energetic far too!

Achieve brighter looking eyes gif

Which DR’s Solution products should I use with LIF?

If you are using DR’s Magic formula items and want to know how you need to use them with LIF, here’s an infographic to assist you out!

complementary DR's Secret products for LIF settings infographic

From brightening to lifting to escalating skin treatment absorption, LIF presents a entire variety of gains for our pores and skin. For the most effective effects, check with your Pores and skin Buddy who can aid to guideline you on product use and how you can use this natural beauty device to raise your skin progress.