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Polk Soundbar: Signa 4 Sound Quality

Polk Soundbar: Signa 4 Sound Quality

Polk Soundbar: Signa 4 Sound Quality

Nothing enhances your home entertainment experience better than having a high-quality audio device. You would want to opt for a device that gives off an immersive and powerful sound, which would greatly upgrade your gaming nights, movie sessions, and music parties. But among the various options available in the audio device industry, which device could give you all of the aforementioned qualities? That’s where Polk Soundbar enters the scene002E.

The sound settings on the Polk soundbar include Movie, Music, Night, and, in particular, Voice Adjust. The latter mode offers three distinct levels of modification, putting it in competition with Zvox, a business that also provides a variety of customizable, hearing-improving modes. The biggest drawback of this soundbar is that all of the channels’ levels can remain the same other than the sub.

Does It Have A Good-Quality Sound?

The latest Polk Audio Signa S4 soundbar adds two upward-firing units to the main Polk Soundbar, providing real Dolby Atmos 3.1.2 channel output. The accompanying subwoofer supports Bluetooth connectivity, which is extremely convenient for building a living room home theater; at least users don’t have to worry about wiring.


Polk Audio’s Signa series soundbars are entry-level; however, they are larger than the Signa S2, which is still lightweight and thin. Therefore, customers do not need to be concerned about space constraints, whether it is mounted on the wall or mounted to a TV cabinet. Signa S4 has a deep grey fabric covering that gives the item a more cosy appearance. It feels free of burrs and flows smoothly. The soundbar’s lower right corner houses the metal logo. The soundbar’s general design is straightforward, with no extra superfluous decorations.

The Administrator

A remote control is also included with the Signa S4. The remote control can give us a broad idea of the Signa S4’s supported functions. It supports Bluetooth, HDMI, and fibre optic interfaces. The illumination on the front of the speaker will display comparable indications in various modes.

Exemplary performance

The seven-unit array design on the Signa S4 features two extra upward-firing units in addition to those found on the Signa S2. It can provide a 5.1.2 simulated three-dimensional sonic experience. Additionally, Dolby Atmos certification has been granted. The upward-firing units are used to improve the 3D sensation of sound and give viewers the impression that an aeroplane is flying overhead.

How To Choose A Soundbar?

Selecting a Polk soundbar is simpler than you think. Start by deciding on the ideal size that fits on furniture or on a wall that is either smaller or identical in width to your TV. Keep in mind that the size of a sound bar does not always indicate its power or level of immersion; our smallest soundbars, the MagniFi Mini AXE, produce realistic Dolby Atmos, and the DTS:X sounds in a remarkably small system that is only 14.6 inches wide.

Next, consider the audio experience you desire. Although all sound bars include several speakers, channel configurations can differ. For example, 2-channel stereo sound bars, sound bars with centre channels that emphasise speech, and Dolby Atmos soundbars that unite 11 or more speakers to provide genuinely realistic DTS:X or Atmos sound can all have different channel configurations.

Consider whether you want a modest audio bar-only system or a larger system with surrounds and a subwoofer for more immersive audio and deeper bass. Next, consider feature sets: With features like Polk’s Voice Adjust technology, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi streaming, and voice assistant integration, several sound bars offer simulated surround, bass boost, and speech-clearing effects.

Why Purchase a Polk Soundbar?

Polk Audio has operated under the mission statement that “everyone deserves great sound” since 1972. Because of this, They ensure that every soundbar offers the best fidelity and value possible. Whether you prefer the ultra-compact 14.5-inch MagniFi Miniature AXE sound bar with portable sub-bass or their fully-loaded react surround. The system with wireless surround, a subwoofer, and Alexa Built-In; their soundbars offer Acoustic technologies found in the the flagship speakers on a compact scale.

Is A Sound Bar Worth It?

A sound bar is a simple, affordable way to dramatically improve your TV sound and truly take your home theatre to the next level, whether you’re seeking an immersive cinematic experience or just want to hear every word of dialogue in your favourite programming. Ultimately, there’s no better way to fill your room with sound than by filling your room with speakers.

What Are The Reviews Of The Top Polk Soundbar For 2023?

With its stylish, portable speakers that provide top sound quality, simple installation, and a variety of interesting features to improve your viewing and music-listening experience, the best Polk soundbars are revolutionising the entire entertainment mood.

  1. The elegant appearance and 4K HD TV compatibility that come with the Polk Signa S2 bar have drawn attention. Anyone upgrading their TV’s sound system to broadcast their preferred internet content might choose the S2.
  2. The Mini AXE has a surprisingly small shape. Still, the contemporary look grabs anyone’s attention because it can be an important addition to your home’s décor while updating your TV speakers so you can hear your favourite material in rich, clear sound.
  3. One of the initial purchasers of the Polk Signa S3 is completely enamoured with its svelte and understated sound system. It is among the most stylish soundbars, and picturing it tucked beneath the smart TV felt like a fantasy come true.
  4. Finally, this Polk soundbar is a good option if you’re looking for a lightweight and portable soundbar with strong audio characteristics. A top-notch soundbar may completely change how your home theatre system sounds by producing a sharp, clear, loud, and balanced sound.


The Polk Audio Soundbar line has always been of the highest calibre, and the Signa S4 has added upward-firing speakers to deliver an even more thorough Dolby Atmos 3D experience. The Signa S4 offers more precise above-sound imaging, featuring clearer location and directional perception, than other entry-level soundbars that provide simulated 3D sound.