April 16, 2024

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Ondol: Korean Underfloor Heating | Hackaday

Ondol: Korean Underfloor Heating | Hackaday

1 of the several features of the modern earth we often consider for granted is the incredibly technological innovation that retains our lodging at a habitable temperature. Examples of this incorporate centralized heating devices applying very hot-water circulation, or blown air ducted to multiple rooms from a central furnace. Definitely in Europe, the moment the Romans transported out, and before the industrial revolution, we have been fairly chilly unless of course an individual lit a fire in the room. Each and every home. But not in Korea. The Ondol heating concepts have been made use of regularly from about 5000 BC to only a handful of decades ago, holding your typical Korean countryman wonderful and toasty.

Possessing said that, the sophistication has enhanced a bit. Originally, the strategy was to simply heat up a bunch of rocks in the fire, and bring them indoors, but Ondol rapidly turned aspect of the creating by itself. As will be witnessed from the online video embedded under, the house sits on best of an elaborate double stack of serpentine channels, that circulate the warm combustion goods from the furnace as extensively as attainable, slowing down the gases and allowing for their heat to transfer into the framework of the flooring, and then radiate into the place previously mentioned. It does bear additional than a passing resemblance to the Roman hypocaust process, ruined examples of which can be observed all over the British isles and Europe. The ability shown in the online video is substantial, but must undoubtedly be an pricey develop reserved for the most culturally aware Koreans who wish to reside in easier (and significantly less hectic) locations in their region.

Perhaps for the large majority of us, this sort of thing is not feasible, and we’re more very likely to profit from a extra centralized solution, perhaps using squander heat from data centers or geothermal exercise. (See: Iceland)


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