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MicroChanneling is an innovative cosmetic procedure that uses a device covered with tiny, shallow needles to cause a perceived micro-injury.

This prompts resident stem cells in the dermis (called fibroblasts) to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (like hyaluronic acid) that add plumpness and firmness to your skin. It also helps stimulate stem cells in the epidermis (keratinocytes) to normalize the surface cells you see. This gives skin a more even texture. In this way MicroChanneling promotes a smoother, softer, and more youthful look to your skin (especially after a series of treatments). It can be used effectively for a number of concerns including:

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Uneven texture caused from old acne marks

• Uneven UV induced pigmentation

• Skin that has lost its plump, youthful appearance

When choosing to do MicroChanneling it important to follow with proper aftercare to get maximum results.

Day 0 (the Initial Phase)

As soon as your treatment is finished your skin may feel hot, look sunburnt, and possibly have evidence of tiny pinpoint bleeding (not typically present in cosmetic needling). The Initial Phase is1-10 Minutes after MicroChanneling. During this phase, your nutrient-rich blood is rushing to reach all of the new micro channels created. Inflammatory factors like adrenaline, prostaglandin, and serotonin are released to support skin healing and coagulation (otherwise known as clotting) which occurs thanks to the blood’s proteins and platelets. This immediate inflammation is what triggers the regenerative capabilities of your skin.

Products to use during this phase:

During this treatment concentrated amounts of a growth factor serum should be applied. Our serum contains cell signaling peptides, exosomes and cytokines that help jumpstart repair. It also contains soothing and hydrating hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are naturally found in healthy skin so it is non-irritating and will minimize extended inflammation. No other products should be used for the next ninety minutes while the channels remain open.

You may opt to have an LED treatment immediately following MicroChanneling. Red LED light will soothe inflammation and encourages ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production which is the cell’s energy molecule necessary for healing. The LED device used should not sit directly on the skin, thus avoiding cross-contamination. No other treatments are recommended at this time. LED red light therapy is the perfect pairing with MicroChanneling. Red LED can reduce erythema (redness) and inflammation. Red LED enhances keratinocyte proliferation and near infra-red LED amplifies collagen and elastin formation.

You might consider investigating oral supplements with nutrients that provide the building blocks for collagen and elastin creation. Dr. Lance Setterfield (dermal needling expert) recommends the following: liposomal vitamin C, omega 3, vitamins A, E, and calcium (I take these in the form of a multivitamin). Dr. Setterfield recommends consistent use of these throughout the collagen induction cycle.

Days 1-5 (The Inflammatory Phase)

During this phase, the platelets in your blood release growth factors and Cytokines. These cells are responsible for our skin’s natural healing and regulating inflammation. In this phase, neutrophils and macrophages are also attracted to the micro channels we’ve created in your skin. They are in charge of keeping the area free of infection, destroying any harmful bacteria. Also, our favorite cells of all are also attracted to these micro channels. They are called fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen. It’s normal to experience mild swelling, flaking, and peeling after MicroChanneling. Keeping the skin hydrated is key during this phase and will help to alleviate any tightness or flaking you may experience.

Products you can use during this phase:

At home you can continue applying Stem Stim growth factor serum morning and night, and even more often if you feel tight and dry. You will achieve better results if you add one pump of Sunrise Solution to your 5 drops of Stem Stim growth factor serum. Sunrise solution is a fantastic combination of 18 polyphenol rich antioxidants derived from superfoods. Polyphenols are known for their calming, anti-inflammatory effects.

On the day after MicroChanneling you can cleanse with a soothing milky cleanser (no gels or foaming formulas) like Aloeclens and a hydrating nonalcoholic toner like Rainwater before applying your serums. For deep hydration that feels incredibly soothing on the skin, I highly recommend using our Good Nite Mask in lieu of your typical moisturizer.

The day of MicroChanneling you must stay out of the sun as the ingredients in sunscreen can be sensitizing if they pass through the micro channels too deep into the skin. In all phases following the first day of MicroChanneling, applying a healthy layer of broad-spectrum SPF is a must. MicroChanneling temporarily increases the skin’s photosensitivity, this can cause unwanted pigmentation if your skin is damaged by the sun after your MicroChanneling treatment while the skin is still healing.

If you are experiencing flaking of the skin, you are able to gently exfoliate using a soft white bamboo baby wash cloth (you can find these on Amazon). However you should steer clear of chemical exfoliants (Getting Even, Boost, Level Up, Retinol Resurfacing etc.) which are not recommended at this time. Also avoid physical scrubs and grainy creams. An important part of the rejuvenating process is to limit inflammation as much as possible after the Initial Phase.

Days 6-14 (The Proliferation Phase)

By this phase, the fibroblasts, (i.e. the cells responsible for the production of collagen) are producing growth factors and new skin cells. While the fibroblasts are busy sending new collagen to your skin; other cells are healing the micro channels, regenerating tissue and repairing the layers of the dermis. Keratinocytes are busy remodeling your epidermis for smoother, younger looking skin. Your cells are super busy during this phase, healing your skin and sending new collagen to the surface. note: The type of collagen produced is type I. What does this mean? This is the preferred type of collagen for a more natural look than collagen induced by treatments that go too deep into the dermis.

Products you can use during this phase:

Topically, you can introduce a Vitamin C serum in the morning which is based on the non-irritating properties of Vitamin C esters (like magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) found in our C & E Antioxidant Serum. You can reintroduce your regular moisturizer or continue with Good Nite if you still feel dry or sensitive. Peptide Serums (like Ageless) and Hyaluronic Acid Serums (like Hydraessence) are a great addition for healing skin. Don’t forget continued daily use of SPF. Along with Vitamin C in the evening you can reintroduce a mild retinol formula like Retinol Resurfacing or Level Up at night, but avoid using prescription strength Retin-A as it is just too irritating. Don’t forget that exfoliant serums should be applied before repair serums and they should be left on the skin 1 minute before you apply your repair serums and moisturizer.

At day 14 you can consider having a gentle Skin Therapy treatment. Enzymes can be used for exfoliation but no harsh peels. The hydration factor is essential for a positive outcome. Oxygen therapy, massage, and a cold therapy masque using ultrasound will maximize your hydration potential.

Days 15-28 (the Maturative Phase)

Two weeks after your MicroChanneling session it will feel like it was in the distant past. But don’t be fooled! Your skin is still undergoing profound changes that, if interrupted, could foil your collagen-inducing efforts. This is the time to be patient. Day 15 is the start of the final phase. You now have a lot of flexibility in your skincare choices. Go back to your regular skincare program, avoiding anything that might be irritating. A good masque choice at this time is our Azulene Soothing Masque over Ageless or Revitalize Cell Therapy which can follow gentle


For best results have MicroChanneling every 4-6 weeks for at least six treatments. In-between that time you can enjoy your regular Skin Therapy. At home weekly facials treatment are also recommended.

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