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Meet the Providers at Apex Dermatology in Avon! – Apex Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center

Meet the Providers at Apex Dermatology in Avon! – Apex Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center

What’s the new office like? 

“The new location is on American Way off Chester Road behind Perkins and the new Rainforest Carwash. It’s convenient off I-90 at the Route 83 exit in Avon. We have clear signage from I-90 and a large parking lot.  We are on the ground floor with our own entrance”, Dr. Henry explains.

Apex Dermatology also has Westside locations in Lorain and Westlake. We were founded on the principle of providing easy access to expert dermatology care and having a location close to where people live is an important part of that accessibility.

Dr. Henry has been practicing dermatology with Apex out of the Westlake location for quite some time but is happy to launch this new office in her own neck of the woods. Debra Sorg will continue to offer limited appointments out of Westlake but will primarily treat patients at the new Avon office.

And will you offer same day appointments at this location too? 

“Yes!” says Debra. “We pride ourselves in making it easy to get in to see us. At Apex, patients never have to wait months to get in, we want to see them as soon as they need us, including same-day, so we can help with any skin concerns right away.”

What types of conditions & treatments are you proud to treat and perform at Apex Dermatology? 

Apex is a comprehensive practice, which means we offer a wide range of general dermatology, like skin cancer screenings, ance, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and conditions you need a dermatologist to help you understand.

But we also love assisting our patients with cosmetic dermatology to help achieve their dream skin. You can expect treatments like:

  • Fraxel for facial resurfacing and sun damage correction
  • Sclerotherapy to get rid of spider veins
  • VBEAM for rosacea and red spots
  • Botox
  • Fillers

Both the healing of unwanted skin concerns and the nurturing of healthy skin that fulfills your goals are our priority at Apex Skin in Avon.

What are some of the most rewarding conditions you treat? 

For Debra, treating acne and psoriasis are some of the most rewarding.  

“These conditions don’t have a cure, and often affect a person both physically and emotionally.  Being able to help patients find the right treatment and get relief, makes me appreciate the work we do in Dermatology.”

Dr. Henry adds, “There are many advances in the treatment options for psoriasis and eczema.  Although there is still not a cure for these conditions, it is an exciting time to treat our patients.  We strive to stay on top of the newest developments and give the best and most innovative care to our patients”.

And in fact, Apex Clinical Research has been doing quite a bit of research on new psoriasis treatments and is currently recruiting for more research participants. 

What led each of you to practice dermatology? 

Dr. Henry says, “Through research in undergraduate and graduate school I was originally interested in Cardiology. But early on during medical school, I fell in love with dermatology and was determined to go that route. The direct patient care that includes both medical and procedural treatments and ability to see infants through adults is important to me.”

Debra, on the other hand, explains her passion in seeing dermatology practiced in the day-to-day. 

“I started my career in medicine as a Medical Assistant over 20 years ago. Early on, I was given the opportunity to work with our Dermatologist, Dr. Henry. I quickly found a love for the science of the skin, and really appreciated the connections we were able to make with patients on their journey to healthy skin.  I was inspired by Dr. Henry, my family, and our patients to continue my education, and I knew practice in Dermatology was where I ultimately wanted to be.”

What’s the skin advice you give most often to patients? 

Sunscreen, wide brimmed hats and sun protective clothing to mitigate skin cancer risk and combat the aging effects of sun exposure”, stresses Dr. Henry.

Debra agrees, explaining, “I also often talk to patients about the importance of wearing sunscreen and sun protective clothing to protect against the effects if the sun/UV light.” She also adds, “I also talk to patients often about using gentle skin care products, cleansers and moisturizers, to help combat dry skin.”


Ready to kick off the start of your skin care goals with Apex Dermatology’s 13th location in Avon, OH? This location will be open in April and you can begin scheduling your appointments by calling 833-279-SKIN (7546), emailing, or booking your appointment online.