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Like Chording But Not | Hackaday

Like Chording But Not | Hackaday

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) can be a authentic soreness. You’ve got a shiny new notebook, and everything’s going easily, but all of a sudden you just can’t use it with out agonizing (as in typing-pace lowering) soreness brought on by years of keyboard bashing or just simple poor posture. All of us hacker sorts will probably have or will expertise this at some point, and luckily for us there are several probable methods.

[Zihao Wang] writes to show us kseqi, a further chord-like textual input process, with a concentrate on the enter sequences, as opposed to any distinct mechanical arrangement of keys. The thought is to make use of two sets of unbiased inputs, the place the sequence of actuation codes for the keystrokes to be emitted into the application.

Left-hand-very first to select a column of the still left character established. Ideal-hand-initially selects the other set.

An case in point interface would be to prepare two sets of five keys as the input system. A person can arrange figures in a matrix. The left critical is pressed and held 1st which selects a column (1 out of 5) then the appropriate critical is pressed to choose a row, and therefore a character. Subsequent, you release in the very same get, still left, then appropriate, to send the character.

Swapping still left and appropriate lets a various set of figures. In this basic scheme, fifty figures can be coded. Check out out this internet assembly demo for how this operates. Swapping out the bodily inputs for a pair of joysticks is one more solution, which might be far better for some folks with unique actual physical problems, or probably due to the fact it just looks exciting. As [Zihao] mentions in the produce-up, the sequence get can be modified to code for other character sets, so this uncomplicated plan can take care of quite a few far more character codings than this very simple case in point. All you have to do is recall them. Interested parties might want also desire to dig into the kseqi Rust crate for data.

Chorded keyboard jobs are abundant out there, here’s a nice Bluetooth-linked keeb, and one more one that is all wiggly.