May 28, 2024

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Inside the Mind of Gen Z

Inside the Mind of Gen Z

By Lennon Barrow, ERS Intern


What are the youngsters into these times? Even as a member of Gen Z, it can be hard to keep up the latest trends. To preserve it easy, I am summarizing 3 essential factors that influence my selections as a Gen Z client.

Identifying with a Brand name

As we presently know, Gen Z is massive on individuality. Even so, self-expression goes outside of what we acquire and what we don. For me and numerous of my friends, we categorical ourselves through supporting brands that line up with our self-image, beliefs, and values. For example, I discovered with Aerie’s #AerieReal campaign, which promotes physique positivity and inclusivity, and have been loyal to the brand name at any time given that. Gen Z people want to align on their own with brands that they experience represented by.

Sustainable Materials

Again, it is no secret that Gen Z cares far more about sustainability than prior generations. Gen Z customers, specifically more mature Gen Zers with extra disposable money, are wanting for items sourced from a lot more sustainable supplies. In the earlier 12 months or so, I have turn into a lot more informed of the environmental implications of my choices as a purchaser. I am eager to commit extra on denims created from recycled cotton or activewear made from lyocell. Gen Z people want to come to feel fantastic about what they buy.

Reviews from Fellow Individuals

As electronic natives, Gen Z customers are accustomed to brands vying for their awareness (and spending). Gen Zers can be skeptical about internet marketing campaigns, which typically feel impersonal and ingenuine. As a substitute, we are inclined to depend on critiques from fellow shoppers, regardless of whether it is phrase of mouth, a viral products on TikTok, or on the internet responses. As a buyer, I am drawn to e-commerce websites that make it straightforward to scroll by on the web critiques or function buyer testimonies.


About Lennon Barrow: Lennon is now working towards a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a important in Marketing at the College of Florida. She is pursuing a profession in gross sales and retail.




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