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How to tie basic jewellery making knots –

How to tie basic jewellery making knots –

Both jewellery and macrame use very simple, day to day knots to begin and finish designs. Studying how to tie basic jewellery producing knots will aid you make safe patterns. Some of them may feel very essential, but knowing the distinction between them is definitely important and can give your jewelry and macrame to a more professional end.

Several of these simple jewellery and macrame knots are used in my tutorials, craft kits and patterns, so it appeared a excellent strategy to place them all in just one submit to refer back again to.

We are likely to master how to tie the overhand knot, the fifty percent knot, the granny knot and the reef knot.

How to tie an Overhand Knot

Quite possibly the most straightforward knot of all is the overhand knot. It is built with a single end of twine, and is frequently utilized as a stopper knot at the finish of twine. But it can also be tied all around present threads to complete off ends in bead-weaving,

  1. Bring the small conclude of wire back on by itself,

2. Then cross about the extensive end to produce a loop.

3. Provide the small stop up by means of the loop

4. Pull the two ends aside to tighten