May 23, 2024

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How to Put On a Cuff Bracelet

How to Put On a Cuff Bracelet

Silver cuff bracelet, view of opening

Compact Opening on Cuff Bracelet

In my in no way-ending quest to educate individuals on jewelry, I assumed I’d try one more educational video. Placing on a cuff bracelet appears truly straightforward, but it is not an intuitive talent.  There are three causes I built this online video.

To start with – I very often see individuals pressure their cuff bracelets on and off of their wrists, pulling the compact open up space in back again, broader, then pushing it again to a smaller sized opening once it is on.

Second – I mend a whole lot of broken cuff bracelets.

Third – I listen to the criticism that the cuff bracelet falls off though the wearer is driving.

Why Cuff Bracelets Break

As considerably as forcing the cuff on and off, lots of metals can surely take care of this flexing for some time, but like a paper clip, if you pull it again and forth adequate moments, it will in the long run split. If you want to retain your cuff bracelets for as extended as doable, I believe it is worthy of examining to see if you are placing it on and using it off properly.

If for some rationale you just can’t observe the movie I’ve outlined the methods below.

Putting the Bracelet On – Some Anatomy Essential


1. The first detail you’ll want to do is find your radius and your ulna bone.

Thumb up Exposing Your Radius Bone

Thumb up Exposing Your Radius Bone

2. Level your thumb going through up. This exposes your cuff to the narrowest section of your forearm, or to your radius bone.
3. Spot the cuff’s opening about 1 inch behind your wrist.

Gently Wiggle the Cuff Opening Over the Radius Bone

Gently Wiggle the Cuff Opening Around the Radius Bone

4. You’ll want to rock your wrist again and forth while lightly pushing your bracelet opening down about your radius bone.

Cuff Bracelet Over Radius and Ulna

Cuff Bracelet In excess of Radius and Ulna

5. As you rock your wrist/forearm back again and forth, you’ll feel the tendons transfer out of the way. Your cuff will perform its way lower. When you function it past your ulna bone, it is on.

Cuff Bracelet All the Way on

Cuff Bracelet All the Way on

6. Future, you are going to want to rotate your bracelet ideal, so that it’s lying flat on your wrist.

Push Your Cuff Forward of the Bump on Your Ulna Bone

Press Your Cuff Forward of the Bump on Your Ulna Bone

7. The moment I have my cuff bracelet on, I transfer it forward towards my hand, over the bump of the ulna bone. In this position, it tends to continue to be place. If your bracelet isn’t at least a little bit more than your ulna bone’s bump, then it’s liable to gradually perform its way off as you shift your wrist close to, such as when driving.

Having the Cuff Bracelet Off

  1. To start with, force the bracelet driving the ulna bone’s bump, so it’s all around an inch driving your wrist.
  2. Switch your wrist so that your thumb is up.
  3. Turn the bracelet toward you, shifting the opening about your ulna bone. Rock your wrist again and forth. It will function its way about the bone, previous the tendons and off your radius bone. Do not pull difficult, just gently implement pressure upward, as you operate the bracelet off.

How Huge Should the Opening of a Cuff Bracelet Be?

The Opening of a Cuff Bracelet

The Opening of a Cuff Bracelet

When you buy a cuff bracelet or unearth one you have not been donning, you are going to want to adjust the opening, so when it’s on, it suits snuggly. That will take a bit much more executing, but preferably, it requires wiggling to get on and off, but does not need to have to be pulled open up, to do so. In my circumstance, the opening width of this cuff, looks as if I’d be trapped in it, until I built the opening bigger. Fortunately, I do not have to open up it broader when applying my process to take away this cuff.

If you adhere to these ways, your cuff bracelets will last a lengthy time and will be fewer most likely to tumble off when you’re driving!

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