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How to Make a Silk Ribbon and Cameo Bolo Tie Necklace

How to Make a Silk Ribbon and Cameo Bolo Tie Necklace

It is March, and we are all ready to changeover into Spring. For me, element of that transition is the jewellery I wear–the heavier, darker jewellery can make way for lighter and brighter accessories. With this in intellect, right here is a entertaining and colorful get on the conventional bolo tie, but produced with dyed silk ribbons and flat-again cameo cabochons. The project assembles quite speedily, so you too can be prepared to welcome Spring!

All set, set, make!

You will will need these supplies:


Other supplies:

  • disposable gluing floor (paper plate)
  • stir-stick applicator (tooth pick)
  • aluminum foil
  • paper towels

Most bolo wire is roughly 3mm+ in diameter, and bolo slide conclusions appear ready to accommodate the dimension. Due to the fact the silk ribbon is thinner, you will have to have to pinch the bolo back to reduce the twine opening measurement. For security of the glue be a part of, it is ideal to do this right before forever attaching the bolo back again to the cameo.

Here is a “before and after” picture of the bolo slide getting. If you have difficulty altering the bolo discovering by pinching, you can use nylon-jaw pliers. The jaws of nylon-jaw pliers will not scratch steel jewellery conclusions as frequent steel pliers do.

In jewelry-producing, glue is a “cold connection” that retains a variety of features collectively. This undertaking brings together the plated brass bolo back with the plastic cameo cabochon, so a glue that will perform with both equally supplies is the critical to achievements. I selected my preferred jewellery adhesive, two-part epoxy. Two-element epoxy operates with most non-porous surfaces.

Gluing Metallic Results 101

absolutely free printable pdf featuring useful gluing hints and strategies from Rings & Issues. And don’t fail to remember the glue.

Epoxy glues sort sturdy bonds. Most epoxy products, like Epoxy 330, instruct you to mix equal pieces of resin and hardener. Carefully stir the adhesive right until combined refer to the guidance that occur with your brand of adhesive.

Right before starting, make guaranteed your items are cleanse and dry. Then use a dab of glue to the backside of the bolo slide finding and spread it evenly. The aspects on the deal with facet of the cameo have a very low relief that prevents them from sitting stage on a countertop. I like to use a piece of scrunched-up foil to guidance the cameo and keep it as amount as probable.

Position the glued cameo aside in a warm place to set and overcome. The adhesive starts off to set up after about 15 minutes and cures in about 2 hours. I like to hold an eye on the glued piece until finally it sets–if the cameo isn’t stage, the bolo slide finding can shift and have to have repositioning. The moment the adhesive sets, it won’t be a problem.

The two-section epoxy 330 adhesive dries distinct. This bolo focal piece is prepared for finishing.

The bolo slide finding can be perplexing with its further tube-like holes. Use the significant and outer tube-like holes for stringing the ribbon by way of.

String the ribbon through one particular side of the bolo slide getting. Then straighten the ribbon to clear away any twists and string the next ribbon end as a result of the opposing hole.

Here is the altered ribbon in the bolo slide.

To insert decoration and body weight, complete the ribbon finishes with two significant-gap beads. String a bead onto the close of the ribbon dependent on the length of the bead, you could will need to use beading tweezers for this process.

Tie an overhand knot about 1/2 inch from the conclude of the ribbon and tighten the knot. Fold the ribbon tail about and tuck it into the ribbon on the other side of the knot. Gently pull the bead up against the knot though pulling the ribbon tail into the bead gap (poking with beading tweezers may well support with this process).

In this article are the completed beaded-bauble finishes. This finishing strategy is easy, clean up, and interesting.

“Sundance” Bolo Tie Necklace by Rings & Points designer Mollie Valente.

“Panama” Bolo Tie Necklace by Rings & Matters designer Mollie Valente.

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