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Google’s Bard Unique Features that ChatGPT Doesn’t Have

Google’s Bard Unique Features that ChatGPT Doesn’t Have

Google has unveiled the enhanced version of its AI language model, Bard, expanding the frontiers of human-like conversation. After the Google IO event, the company made it available to 180 countries. And, It’s full of amazing features that enhance user experience. 

Following the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bard’s latest iteration introduces remarkable capabilities that surpass its predecessor and distinguish it from ChatGPT. 

With an array of innovative features, the new Bard empowers users with voice search, image responses, and coding explanations. Let’s explore all of its features.

Google’s Bard’s Unique Features that OpenAI’s ChatGPT Doesn’t Have

Feature of the New Google AI Chatbot Bard

Voice Search Integration

One of Bard’s standout features is its seamless integration with voice search technology. Users can now interact with Bard using voice commands, enabling a hands-free and intuitive conversational experience while multitasking. And this is for the first time in history that voice prompting on an AI chatbot.

Image Response Comprehension  

Bard takes conversational AI to new visual heights by incorporating image response comprehension. Users can now describe images or may scan images through google lens and receive detailed responses from Bard. Leveraging Google’s extensive image recognition capabilities, Bard can also understand image-related queries and generate insightful responses. Essentially bridging the gap between textual and visual information.

Coding Explanation Expertise 

As a boon for developers and coding enthusiasts, Bard’s enhanced version offers exceptional coding explanation capabilities. It can also provide detailed explanations, troubleshoot coding issues, and offer guidance in a conversational manner. This specialization sets Bard apart from ChatGPT, expanding its utility for technical users seeking coding assistance.

Enhanced Internet Search

Bard’s upgraded version delivers an unparalleled internet search experience. With its seamless integration with Google’s search engine, Bard swiftly retrieves relevant, accurate, and latest information. This provides users with comprehensive answers to their queries. Bard’s ability to search through vast amounts of web data and present concise and reliable search results surpasses ChatGPT. Making it a trustworthy companion for users seeking knowledge. 

Web Page Summarization

Bard’s advanced web page summarization feature condenses lengthy web pages into concise and informative summaries. It extracts key information from web pages and presents it in a coherent and condense format. This functionality is particularly useful for users who want quick access to the main points of an article or web page without having to read through the entire content. 

Text Exportation

Bard goes beyond providing conversational responses by offering convenient text exportation capabilities. Users can easily export the conversation or chat log with Bard into a text format. This allows for easy reference, sharing, or integration with other applications or platforms. This feature is great, but not exclusive to Bard. ChatGPT also has this feature which was announced in light of privacy concerns.

Seamless Integration with Google Services

As an integral part of the Google ecosystem, Bard seamlessly integrates with various Google services and applications. It can assist users in performing tasks like setting up appointments, searching for specific content, making reservations, or even drafting emails. This integration allows Bard to leverage the power of Google’s suite of tools, amplifying its usefulness as a virtual assistant across multiple platforms.

Final Words

While ChatGPT has made significant strides in the field of AI language models, the enhanced version of Bard demonstrates Google’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conversational AI. 

As the competition between AI language models intensifies, users can expect even more remarkable advancements in conversational AI. With Bard at the forefront, the future holds exciting possibilities for enhanced internet search, efficient web content consumption, and seamless integration of AI into our everyday lives. 

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