December 5, 2023

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‘Designing Men’s Wardrobe’

‘Designing Men’s Wardrobe’

If you consider that menswear does not have wide classification, then naturally there is not a lot designing expected then its kind of underestimating guys. In reality, it can be just the reverse if there is not much to classify for menswear then planning becomes far more complicated, as in you have to create new patterns with limited classes.

Allow,s start out with the classification of men’s manner – Shirts (Basic, Sleeveless, Oxford buttoned-down, Dress Shirt, Hawaiian Shirt, T-Shirt and Polo Shirt), Pants (Dressy pants or Trousers, Dishevelled Pants, Cargo Trousers and Jeans), Shorts (Bermudas or Boxers, Khaki and Safari), Fits ( Formal, Sporty Suit, Casual Suit, Two Piece Go well with and 3 Piece Fit) and Regular Have on.

As you may well see its not even the just one-fourth of what womeswear is classified as. It gets really really hard to layout for men as there is not substantially of styling or recreation that can be carried out. Also, in addition to this, there very small amount of money of gentlemen who genuinely want to test out a thing diverse and which is flaunting design and style.

So, for me as designer, the condition is both I need to have to go out and convince people that seeking out a little something distinct, occasionally provides to your individuality or I could discover my intellect and actually come out with distinct designs which will not adjust the outlook of the outfits but provides to styling or I am remaining with the only option of not styling much and serving my clientele with the typical models. Hence, as I mentioned earlier mentioned males require additional design features to display off their styling.

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