May 23, 2024

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Current project: OUMERE Cosmetics

Current project: OUMERE Cosmetics

A common new products ask for is for OUMERE to release a basis. I put on basis only on the weekends because I really don’t like putting individuals chemicals on my facial area extra often than vital, and I believe that most who are requesting for a basis to be introduced sense the similar way.

Business foundations can glance great, but they are formulated with everything wanted to destroy your skin: fragrance/critical oils, emulsifiers, silicones, drying alcohols, and many others. And this is like investing in a home, putting money and time each individual working day toward making it lovely, and then throwing a get together every weekend wherever it receives trashed, and you will need to get started all in excess of yet again on monday. 

That sysephean effort and hard work of creating your pores and skin up with skin treatment, taking care of it, paying income and time on your products and solutions and program only to ruin it with pores and skin-damaging makeup can finally be place to relaxation with the appropriate formulation. 

The ideal formulation is a basic a person, just with the substances essential to make the basis, no more no less, and with no the avoidable parts like fragrance and silicones. 

I am at this time operating on a basis serum, which will merge the pores and skin gains of OUMERE’s serums with the coverage of foundation with mica-dependent (natural) pigments. 

I would enjoy any feedback on present foundations you have utilized: what you like, what you do not like, and what you want in a basis from the formulation to the glance to the packaging. All of which will go towards earning a far better merchandise. 

The foundation formulation will just take about 2 many years, but I will release the prototype to the Exceptional Offer/ VIP System in just the next several months, so make sure you check the web page periodically.


For the eye shadow, I am doing work on a liquid eye shadow that has a gentle sparkle to it in many shades ranging from a white diamond to blue. All of which will give a delicate shine that will look pleasant with the above foundation.

All formulations will have a dewy finish, as a matte look amplifies wrinkles, strains and sagging, which makes you look older. 


Make sure you provide your comments by way of the OUMERE Instagram ( @oumereskincare) or via e-mail at