April 16, 2024

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Coronation Day set to encourage more spending (with a British theme)

Coronation Day set to encourage more spending (with a British theme)

The intelligence platform’s research found afternoon tea or a picnic with Coronation quiche will be more common than street parties.

It found 78% will watch the Coronation at home with just their family. A quarter of customers won’t be drinking any alcohol, but the same proportion will be spending £50 to £150 more than usual on a bank holiday.

The most popular foods are likely to be traditionally English, such as Victoria sponge cakes, egg and cress sandwiches and pork pies.

Fewer than 20% said they would aim to make Coronation Chicken, created for the late Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

In contrast, 55% said they would like to try King Charles III’s recipe for Coronation Quiche.

The quiche ingredients include tarragon, spinach and broad beans and 29% of Brits are planning to try the new recipe themselves and a further quarter (24%) would love to be able to buy a pre-made version.

Ben Davies, founder of Vypr, said: “King Charles himself has reduced various elements of the Coronation celebrations and this looks to have been reflected in the mood of the nation, with fewer street parties and lower-key celebrations at home.

“The amount of money we’re planning to invest in these parties with our families shows that the nation is still getting behind the event and keen to support the new King, but in a quieter, more family-focused way.

“This is potentially a reflection on the King himself and a way of bringing families together on this historic occasion.”

The survey was conducted on Vypr’s database of 65,000 consumers, which was developed for businesses to understand consumer behaviour quickly.