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 Do you sense overwhelmed by all of the head-spinning alternatives when you visit a bead store? Or probably you are insecure about your artistic capabilities, but you want a dose of some healthy, stress-free of charge, creativity in your life? Very well, Suzie Q Studio has the reply with our Serendipity BEAD STEW Jewelry-Creating Kits!

So, what does “Serendipity” have to do with our BEAD STEW jewellery-earning kits? We consider that beads are “destined” to be alongside one another and meant for you to create delicious jewelry. At Suzie Q Studio, we artfully hand-find the bead mixtures for all of our BEAD STEW Kits, in incredibly minimal version package portions, and after the edition is bought out, we never ever make the same combo again… So, get ‘em whilst they’re nonetheless on the menu!

Also, because beads generally search yummy adequate to try to eat, our BEAD STEW kits all have pleasurable, foodstuff-topic names these kinds of as:

<img src="" alt="Suzie Q Studio's Serendipity BEAD STEW DIY EASY BRACELET MAKING KITS are limited edition collections of artfully curated premium quality beads and components for you to make a one-of-a-kind bracelet(s). No experience needed!  " />

Our Serendipity BEAD STEW, Effortless Jewelry Creating Kits include all of the scrumptious elements essential for you to develop a one particular-of-a-form, bangle-model bracelet, with certainly no “crafty” practical experience demanded, so no make a difference how you add the beads to the “memory” bracelet wire… PRESTO!… You’re guaranteed to have fab, qualified benefits with a creation you are going to be happy to say, “Look what I made!”

What’s extra-cool about Suzie Q Studio's BEAD STEW jewelry kits, is that even if you and your friend(s) have the same kit, the bracelets will be unique to each of you.

And, what is added-amazing about our BEAD STEW jewelry kits, is that even if you and your friend have the same kit, the bracelets will be one of a kind to just about every of you. To see this for on your own, consider a appear at the effects when 5 pals established BEAD STEW bangle-style bracelets with the exact kit identified as “Maple Syrup on Snow” by CLICKING >>> Below.


If a bangle-fashion bracelet isn’t to your flavor, or you don’t have access to the two simple equipment necessary to make just one, our BEAD STEW kits now contain STRETCHY BRACELET Cord for you to have the flexibility to make personal, “roll-on” bracelets to have on independently, to layer up in a stack or even to make as a reward for your bestie, with only a pair of scissors required to build them. You can even mix it up and make both styles of bracelets.
Suzie Q Studio’s BEAD STEW DIY jewelry kits include STRETCHY BRACELET CORD for you to have the versatility to make individual,

Assume Outdoors THE BEAD BOX…

But more possibilities for creativity… There are three important, but tremendous-effortless, skills in jewelry-generating that are great to use with the fab bead combos in BEAD STEW kits, along with the addition of some more elements that aren’t integrated — possibly from your very own stash? — to make other types of jewelry such as: earrings, charms, a necklace, and many others. And even if you only know or discover 1/3 of the techniques… The design alternatives are endless and astonishingly uncomplicated to make experienced high quality jewelry, tailor made developed by you!

So, what are the three important, easy-to-study, jewellery techniques that will have you building all varieties of tailor made jewelry with our Serendipity BEAD STEW kits?

​There are three essential, but super-easy, skills in jewelry-making that are perfect to use with the fab bead combos in Suzie Q Studio's BEAD STEW kits, along with the addition of some extra components that aren’t included - maybe from your own stash? - to make other types of jewelry such as: earrings, charms, a necklace, etc.

If you ended up to master only just one jewelry-earning talent, learning how to “crimp” is definitely the way to go! “Crimping” is the approach utilised to securely attach a clasp onto a bead-strung piece of jewellery this kind of as a necklace, bracelet and anklet. Realizing how to do this easy-to-study talent opens the doorway to unlimited jewellery-generating jobs.


Crimping Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Japanese-Design Pointy Cutter, Bead Stoppers, Velux Beadwork Mat, Ruler

BEAD STEW Kit (or other beads), “Comfortable Flex” Bead Stringing Wire, Clasp, Crimp “Tubes”, Crimp “Covers”, Bounce Ring (if utilizing a lobster claw type of clasp)

FYI… Quite shortly, Suzie Q Studio will have educational video clips out there to exhibit the a few essential skills of jewelry-producing, but till then, the world-wide-web has a ga-zillion Do-it-yourself films for your to find out from… Just be sure that the video exhibits you how to use a proper “crimping” plier and absent you go! 

Use Suzie Q Studio’s BEAD STEW jewelry kits to create a mask chain that can also be worn as a necklace and a wrap bracelet.

With the sporting of cloth masks through the pandemic, I made a decision to see if there are sufficient beads in a BEAD STEW package to build a mask chain and revealed earlier mentioned is what I came up with making use of the kit “Tropical Sherbet”, and not only can you use it as a mask chain, but I worked out a way to also dress in it as a necklace and a wrap bracelet… How versatile and fairly FAB, proper?! 

If you’d like a PDF of the instructions to make this task, shoot me a brief e-mail by CLICKING >>> In this article.

The beads in Suzie Q Studio’s BEAD STEW Jewelry Kits have been artfully hand-picked in limited quantities. Use them to make easy bracelets. More experienced jewelry makers, can turn BEAD STEW beads into any creation.

Figuring out the simple skill of how to make a “Loop” and a “Wire Wrapped Loop” allows you change beads into allure dangles to use when producing earrings, necklaces and bracelets, as demonstrated in the image above. You can also do a wire wrapped loop at each finishes of the bead in order to “connect” beads collectively in a chain… You will see a sample of this at this in the necklace in the vicinity of the finish of this report.
Knowing the basic skill of how to make a Loop and a Wire Wrapped Loop lets you turn Suzie Q Studio beads into charm dangles.
What is the difference among a easy “Loop” and a “Wire Wrapped Loop”? A “Loop” leaves the round form open with a slight hole and should really only be applied when you know that the dangle you have created won’t be less than any type of tension to trigger the loop to open up up, resulting in the loss of your dangle. A “Wire Wrapped Loop” is when wire is wrapped close to the base of the loop and is the ideal way to make certain your dangle is secure.

As described earlier… Extremely quickly, Suzie Q Studio will have instructional video clips available to show the a few fundamental skills of jewelry-creating, but in the meantime, the web has a entire ton of Do it yourself videos for you to find out from by googling “Wire Wrapped Loop” in your lookup bar.

Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutter, Chain Nose Plier, in addition a second pair of pliers of your choosing: Chain Nose, Bent Chain Nose, Flat Nose

Added Supplies Needed TO MAKE Allure DANGLES:
BEAD STEW Beads (or other beads) and the next not provided in BEAD STEW kits Head Pins and/or Eye Pins, simple or decorative and available in different colours of metallic, furthermore any other ideal accents these as Bead Caps, and many others.

The beads in Suzie Q Studio’s BEAD STEW Jewelry Kits have been artfully hand-picked in limited quantities. Use them to make easy bracelets. More experienced jewelry makers, can turn BEAD STEW beads into any creation.

In jewellery-building, leap rings are little circles manufactured of round metal wire, and out there in all kinds of diameters, gauges (thicknesses) and colours, and are utilised to join beds and jewellery components jointly, as properly as decorative factors. They’re available permanently soldered closed or with a minimize in the circle so that the bounce ring can be opened and shut. “Open” leap rings are also employed in the much more highly developed art of chain weaving to produce attractive chains with intricate patterns. Nevertheless, for most jewellery-generating apps, you want only to understand the pretty simple skill of opening and closing them thoroughly, which usually means right after opening a soar ring, obtaining it to near back again with each other as tightly as probable, and you are going to listen to a “click” to let you know that the closing is excellent and tight.

To find out Basic Skill #3, use the lookup term “open shut bounce rings” and a myriad of websites and YouTube video clips will be accessible to you… And, Suzie Q Studio “How To” films will be offered soon!

Instruments Expected FOR OPENING & CLOSING Jump RINGS:
Two pairs of jewellery pliers of your deciding upon: Chain NoseBent Chain NoseFlat Nose

<img src=

Amazingly, no further beads outside of the BEAD STEW kit have been applied to make this excellent, multi-tiered necklace!

The more materials, not provided in the package, as effectively as the techniques that were being utilized are as follows…

Simple Skill #1: Bead Stringing (Crimping)… Tender Flex Bead Stringing Wire (medium body weight), 2mm X 2mm Crimp Tubes, and Crimp Handles

Fundamental Ability #2: Making a Loop, Wire Wrapped Loop… Headpins (numerous gauges & lengths), furthermore high-quality gauge Round Wire for “Double Wire Wrapped Loops”, utilised to hook up beads together for one of the necklace strands 

Essential Ability #3: Open & Close Jump Rings… Open Soar Rings (several gauges and dimensions)

MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES: Chain (two styles/weights), Lobster Claw Clasp, Tassel

FYI… This spring, Suzie Q Studio will be introducing all types of jewellery-producing parts, these kinds of as chain and some of the other merchandise talked about over to our web page, so you should keep tuned!

Whether you decide to make a bangle-style bracelet or a stack of stretchy “roll-on” ones, or choose  to go

So, what will YOU create with your BEAD STEW jewelry-earning kit?

Whether you come to a decision to make a bangle-fashion bracelet or a stack of stretchy “roll-on” ones, or pick  to go “Further than The Bracelet” by including extra provides and using some basic jewellery-making capabilities, Suzie Q Studio BEAD STEW kits give you with irresistible bead mixtures that will give you heaps of “Good Artistic Fun” and fab effects, no subject what sort of custom jewellery you make!

You can Store our current collection of yummy BEAD STEW kits by CLICKING >>> In this article.