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5 Simple Tips to Combat Winter Doldrums

5 Simple Tips to Combat Winter Doldrums

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season. Ours was really busy and boy was I brain tired. So as I realized not only was I tired but drained, far more than normal. I started to look up remedies for Winter Blues. Now there are several really detailed, science-based articles out there. But this will be a little different, with no fancy-schmancy tips that take a lot of time. Just 5 Simple Tips to Combat Winter Doldrums.

Tip 1: Sun as Much as Possible

Let’s face it! We all know that Winter can be gray and gloomy. However, the sun is still there and still helps a lot! When possible, go outside, and let the sun hit your forehead for at least 15 minutes a day.

Hazels Soapery Snow Coffee
Have your coffee outside, to get a little bit of sun!

Take a brisk walk around your block, sit bundled up on the porch with your morning coffee (this is my go-to), or grab a few indoor grow/plant lights to brighten your day.

Tip 2: Embrace the Season with Extra Rest

Winter is a season of dormancy. Just like it is for plants, animals, and trees, such as the same for you. Be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself time to have a few more hours a week of plain ol’ R&R.Grab that comfy blanket, cuddle up on the couch, and watch the Netflix movie that has been stuck in your watchlist since summer.

Because the season is cooler, your body and brain do need a little more rest. Especially since our systems are fighting off all kinds of sickness and all. Listen to your body, be kind to it and allow yourself the grace to rest and recharge.

Tip 3: Dance Like a Toddler

Listen, everyone says exercise. Yes, you certainly should exercise. But Dancing Like A Toddler sounds like a lot more fun!

Most of us have our music on all day every day. So every few hours, do like Young MC said and Bust a Move. Me, I dance while cooking dinner, making soap, standing in the bathroom. Also, whenever my kids hit me with rapid-fire questions, want a moment of silence. Just break out in a dance in the midst of their question asking 🙂

Hazels Soapery Baby Dancing
Close your eyes and boogie like a toddler!

Tip 4: Pop on a Splash of Color

Just because it is drab and dreary outside, doesn’t mean your wardrobe, bathroom or bedroom have to look the same.

Bring out the yellow curtains, orange pillows and bright green sweaters and be the vibrant being that you are. Wearing and being near bright colors has an awesome effect on your mood and energy.

Now if you are like me you were brought up thinking that White was a summer color. Only to be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But why? If you like white, wear white. After all, snow is white, right?

Tip 5: Smell all the Smells as much as you can. Especially in the shower!

Listen, we are triggered by scents and smells. They lift our mood and bring back fond memories.

A great time to reset your mind and sought off those winter blues is b shower with scents that promote healthy thoughts. Hazel’s Soapery offers Mindful Shower Sugar Scrub Sets. The AM scrub is made with Peppermint Essential oils. Great to jumpstart your mornings and eliminate brain fog. PM is made with Lavender Essnetial Oil perfect to help you wind down from a hectic day. All while decreasing the amount of dead dry skin, Giving you an awesome glow even through the winter months.

Mindful Showers sugar Scrub Sets
Hazel’s Soapery Mindful Shower Sugar Scrub Sets

That’s it! 5 Simple Tips to Combat Winter Doldrums. What tips do you have to help us make the winter months more bearable?

Oh and one last bonus tip!

Don’t forget to hug someone when you can safely do so. Hugs are magical and can help increase your mood. Caveat, COVID so please make sure you are doing so as safely as possible. s