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2023 Portland Wedding Florist Updates!

2023 Portland Wedding Florist Updates!

2022 was an incredible year at Blum!

At the start of the year we were still knee deep in covid concerns and by late summer, while not gone, it felt as though the wedding world was finally celebrating freely and fully. I am so grateful for our clients, fellow vendors, suppliers and my team who helped me so much during the pandemic.  I learned A LOT and as such feel better prepared than ever to provide quality service and flowers to our clients while also protecting myself and team.  Thank you!

In 2023 we have a few new adjustments and things I’m looking forward to!

Local Wedding Season Minimum

In 2022 I began requiring a “minimum” of $5000 for orders placed May through October. This will continue for 2023 and may increase for 2024.  In the past I always avoided minimums because I just hated the idea of being economically exclusive.   Unfortunately with the rising cost of flowers, supplies and overhead it’s gotten to a place where 5k is really the base of what I feel clients need to spend to get a beautiful, but still relatively simple, wedding flower package.  It also allows me to take on fewer weddings which thus provides better service to each individual client.  We thank you for your understanding! If you would like recommendations for florists that do not have a minimum spend please feel free to reach out and I can send you some great people suited to your style.

Central Oregon Events

While I’ve always worked in Central Oregon we’re going to be working in the region a lot more this year!  I’m so excited for these “semi destination” weddings.   A few things of note if you’re curious about our services.  We do have an 8k minimum for Central Oregon events during wedding season (Memorial Day weekend through September) and our delivery fees start at a rate of $750.

Styled Shoots

If you are planning a styled shoot please feel free to reach out to me at!  Do note that we take on a very select number of shoots each year and only in the “off season” so reaching out sooner than later is a good idea.


I’m so excited to see what 2023 brings!  Happy New Year!